Turnstile operator and Tote betting cashier


To deliver customer betting transactions in accordance with the company policies and procedures and Gambling Commission Regulations or to admit patron into the stadium ensuring correct ticket and cash is taken and recorded appropriately

Turnstile/ Gate Operator

  • Gain and maintain an excellent knowledge of the various types of bets and minimum spends
  • Prepare to receive customer by setting up the cash and machine
  • Manage cash transactions following correct procedure
  • Safeguard cash by adhering to security procedures
  • Work within the guidelines of the Gambling Commission
  • Create a positive first impression
  • Respond to customer enquiries professionally

Tote/Betting Cashier

  • Prepare to receive customers
  • Ensure a smooth and prompt entrance process to assist at busy periods
  • Create a positive first impression
  • Engage and interact with the public in a professional manner
  • Respond to customer enquiries
  • Ensure all customers feel valued
  • Manage cash transactions
  • Safeguard cash and adhere to security procedures
  • Reconcile cash by completing a cash report
  • Provide accurate attendance figures

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